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To kick of the big event of 2019, Leviathan Rising, DC Comics published an 80-page Giant called "Superman: Leviathan Rising #1". This issue contains a 10 page Lois Lane story that kicked off a 12 issue Lois Lane maxi-series written by the amazing Greg Rucka and illustrated by the spectacular Mike Perkins. Lois is one of DC's most underused characters, and this series is going to show just how 'powerful' she is, as DC's best investigative journalist and with some very powerful 'friends in high places'.

We very quickly sold the art for the 10 page Lois Lane story, but below you can see some original character designs that Perkins was asked to come up with.

Click the image or title below to view the artwork.

Leviathan Character Study - Black Ops

Leviathan Character Study - Leader

Leviathan Character Study - Soldier

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