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Lie Like A Lady - 1955 (Ace S-108)

Product Details

Lie Like A Lady - 1955 (Ace S-108)


Media Type: Oils
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Harry Kane 

BOARD: 20 1/2 x 29 1/2

IMAGE: 19 1/2 x 28 1/2

Acrylic or Gouache on 1/8" Illustration Board.

This is the original painting published as the cover to the vintage paperback novel Lie Like A Lady by C.S. Cody in 1955.

When I made the decision to add this painting to my collection, it was with the understanding that the artist was unidentified. But a twinge of familiarity in the faces of the two figures, and especially in how the man's face is drawn, had me thinking I might be familiar with the artist. After receiving the painting and studying it, it suddenly came to me that the 'certain something' I saw in the faces reminded me of an artist whose work, life & career I had recently been researching thanks to a feature on him in Illustration Magazine a couple of issues back, by the name of Harry Kane.

In comparing the work, I didn't have quite as many pieces to compare as I'd have liked, but still I saw a few delicate little things in the work that made me feel as if it was indeed Kane's work. Then, almost as if as a bolt from the blue, and hiding in plain sight, were the initials "H.K." embroidered on the man's shirt pocket! I had been so enthralled by the image of the female (That WAS after all the main reason I acquired the piece!)and so focused mainly on the man's face, that I'd failed to notice the initials staring me in the face!

Either way, Kane worked his entire career in relative obscurity as many artists did, but I'm glad to be able to give him credit now, some more than 55 years later, so that future generations will see this work and know immediately that it was painted by Harry Kane.

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