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The Swamp Thing #12 p.22 - 1st App. Trinity!

Product Details

The Swamp Thing #12 p.22 - 1st App. Trinity!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Half Splash
Artists: Mike Perkins all

The shards of multi colored glass buried in the desert back in the mid 1940's suddenly coalesces and takes the form of a woman, even giving herself the name Trinity.

With the Pale Pilgrim now seemingly about to become the Avatar of Industry and the narration and dialogue on this and the previous page indicating that Trinity was born of the desert, could we now be looking at potentially a 2nd new Avatar??? Perhaps the Avatar I and others initially assumed The Pale Wanderer to be, the Avatar of the Desert? I don't know, but as we get closer to the end of this modern day classic tale, things continue to get even more intriguing by the issue!

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