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The Swamp Thing #12 p.20 - Jack Meets Swampy!

Product Details

The Swamp Thing #12 p.20 - Jack Meets Swampy!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Half Splash
Artists: Mike Perkins all

A wonderful half-splash featuring Swamp Thing emerging from the shadows within plants that have now covered the corridor, creating a mini jungle within the Geiger-esque hellscape. He tells Haksmoor that the homeless who used to live there were abandoned, by their own kind, yes. But he also makes it clear that the factory itself, an edifice of production, consumption and engineered evolution, was also abandoned and that while humans have always assumed that the things they jettisoned into the earth were permanently discarded, He and Hawksmoor suddenly wonder if those things were merely asleep and are now just waking up!

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