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Lois Lane #7 p.04 & 05 - Superman Caught Kissing Lois!!

Product Details

Lois Lane #7 p.04 & 05 - Superman Caught Kissing Lois!!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Spread
Artists: Mike Perkins all

In this terrific double page spread, we see the beautiful establishing shot of Chicago across the top, which leads the eyes down to the left as we see someone on a rooftop with binoculars and pulling out something akin to a rifle of some sort. It actually turns out to be photographic equipment and when we see what he's targeting in the great, final panel, we then realize this guy isn't an assassin, but rather a paparazzi! This is where Superman revealing to the world that he's married to Lois Lane all begins!

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