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Deadman #3 p.30 - Gorgeous End Splash!

Product Details

Deadman #3 p.30 - Gorgeous End Splash!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Artists: José Luis  García-López all

When this Deadman mini-series was released back in 1986, I was immediately of the opinion that it was the best job Garcia-Lopez had ever done. His Cinder and Ashe mini-series was also right up there. All these 33+ years later, I still stand by that opinion and I've found over the many years since that most professional comic book artists also feel the same.

Here we have a great end page splash featuring an amazing shot seen from Deadman's point of view, which puts the viewer right there in the middle of the story with him!

Not only are pages from this series highly coveted by JLGL fans, but they are also pretty rare in collecting circles. If you want a Deadman page by Garcia-Lopez, a page from this mini-series is considered the cream of the crop!

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