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Amazing Spider-Man #252 - Cover Prelims!

Product Details

Amazing Spider-Man #252 - Cover Prelims!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Prelim
Artists: Ron Frenz penciller

The cover to Amazing Spider-Man #252 is considered by all Spider-Man fans as a modern era classic, as it was not only an homage to Jack Kirby's original cover for Amazing Fantasy #15, but more importantly, also broke with historic tradition in that it introduced Spider-Man sporting a completely new, all black costume. It was a huge deal when it came out almost 35 years ago, with fans all over the world venturing their opinions on whether doing such a thing was a good thing, or something akin to heresy, which some fans did believe! Here we are offering the preliminary pencil sketches that Ron Frenz drew as the two options for the final cover art on this issue. These penciled illustrations represent the very first time the classic layout for the introduction of the black costume was ever put to paper by Frenz, the illustration on the right being the one which Frenz ultimately used and turned into the finished cover as we know it today. As you can see by the written notes at the top, Frenz handed in these prelims to his editor at that time, Danny Fingeroth, who owned this piece all these years and was the only previous owner of the piece. I asked Frenz if I could send it to him for an autograph, and while he would be happy to sign it, he was perfectly honest and told me he didn't want the responsibility of having to care for the safety of the piece and ensure it would get back to me. He'd be happy to sign it in person at a con, though! With the value of the finished cover undoubtedly falling anywhere within the $150k and up range if it were to sell publicly today, this piece represents a veritable bargain in comparison, at no more than a tiny fraction (no more than 3%) of the cost of the finished cover. The vast majority of collectors cannot afford the finished cover even if it turned up for sale, but the vast majority of collectors CAN afford this historic prelim!

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