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Brand 99 - 1966 (Dell 0775)

Product Details

Brand 99 - 1966 (Dell 0775)


Media Type: Painting
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Tom Adams 

Board: 19 x 24 5/8 (Approx.)

IMAGE: 17 x 22 5/8

Gouache on board

This is the original painting published as the cover to the vintage paperback novel Brand 99 by Wayne D. Overholser in 1966.

To the untrained eye this piece probably appears to be a boring western without much going on. But as anybody with a well trained eye will tell you, this is an example of Tom Adams' brilliance on display. The way he drew the gun hanging, with the barrel cutting off the gaping hole in the wooden fence and thereby creating a defacto triangular frame which leads the eye to the cowboy riding off in the distance, is NOT coincidental. It's an example of the well thought out planning that went into the design and layout of this piece.

Then there is the execution in and of itself, which is truly amazing to behold in person. The gun metal truly looks like metal, the scratches in the metal look like real scratches, and the wood grain & knots are impeccable!

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