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Big Fake, The - 1953 (Pyramid 97)

Product Details

Big Fake, The - 1953 (Pyramid 97)


Media Type: Oils
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Jim Bentley 

SIZE: 15 3/8 x 22

Oil on 1/16" Illustration Board

This is the original painting published as the cover to the vintage paperback novel The Big Fake by Murray Forbes in 1953.

That Marilyn Monroe would be used as a model for a female character on a paperback cover isn't all that surprising. But that Hugh Hefner would end up being used as the model for the male character, well that IS surprising!

I have to wonder if artist Jim Bentley knew either of them, because not only is Hef going to forever be connected to Marilyn due to his puting her in his very 1st issue of Playboy Magazine which catapulted her to mega stardom, but this paperback cover was painted within MONTHS of that 1st Playboy issue hitting the stands!

Either way, these little mysteries only add more to the enjoyment that this gorgeous painting already provides me.

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