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The Swamp Thing #10 p.15 - Listen & Rise!

Product Details

The Swamp Thing #10 p.15 - Listen & Rise!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Artists: Mike Perkins all
Other Images: The Swamp Thing #10 p.15 - Color

Continuing from the previous page, Levi is still in a state of delirium as we now see Vyasa Swamp Thing, the broken conduit, begin to explain who he is while simultaneously also filling in the reader on more details regarding the history of the Swamp Things, past and present. As Ram V continues to weave a rich tapestry of new Swamp Thing cannon, my gut feeling is that this page, along the previous one, will one day be looked back upon as truly key moments in time from this fantastic new era in the Swamp Thing mythos!

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