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The Swamp Thing #10 p.10 - Levi Saves Jacob!

Product Details

The Swamp Thing #10 p.10 - Levi Saves Jacob!

On Hold

Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Half Splash
Artists: Mike Perkins all
Other Images: The Swamp Thing #10 p.10 - Color

As the giant wave of liquid nitrogen and bio-agent bears down on them, Swamp Thing sprouts wooden branches from all over his body and jumps on top of Jacob, just as the deadly liquid crashes down on them. In that moment, massive ice crystals being formed, with shards and planes of green ice thrusting outward from where Swampy and Jacob were. Ice crystals form, almost plant-like, growing, branching into jagged trees of their own and Perkins uses his skills to illustrate the savage beauty of the moment to great effect.

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