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The Swamp Thing #10 p.18 - Hedera is No More!

Product Details

The Swamp Thing #10 p.18 - Hedera is No More!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Half Splash
Artists: Mike Perkins all
Other Images: The Swamp Thing #10 p.18 - Color

This page features the end to an incredible sequence, which began with Swamp Thing falling on top of Hedera just a moment before the liquid nitrogen/bio-agent concoction splashed down over them, and ends here where Ram V and Mike Perkins reveal exactly what Swamp Thing had done! When "falling" on Hedera, he essentially enveloped Hedera within his own body and now after using the Dragon Arum flower to produce enough heat to free himself, he reveals that he basically "birthed" his brother back to life! As he falls out from Swamp Thing's chest cavity, we see that Hedera is no more and Jacob seems to be himself once again. No doubt exhausted, Jacob falls to the ground and looks over towards his brother, also completely spent from the effort, and sees a desiccated husk. His brother, is turning to snow-dust!

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