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Dark Multiverse: Crisis #1 p.06 & 07 - Earth 2 Heroes!

Product Details

Dark Multiverse: Crisis #1 p.06 & 07 - Earth 2 Heroes!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Double Page Splash
Artists: Mike Perkins all

A stunningly beautiful DPS featuring all 54 of Earth Two's heroes, who've come together to defend the planet against Surtur and his Fiery hordes!

The heroes should be as follows...

Kal-L, Wonder Woman, Huntress, Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, Sandy, Wildcat, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Robin, Fury, Jade, Obsidian, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Starman, Doctor Fate, Hourman, Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Black Canary, Stripesy, Star Spangled Kid, Northwind, Nuklon, Silver Scarab, Brainwave Jr, Power Girl, Doctor Occult, Solomon Grundy, Firebrand, Don Richards (Manhunter) and his Crimefighting Dog, Liberty Belle, Paul Kirk (Manhunter), Shining Knight, The Whip, Vigilante, Phantom Lady, TNT, Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Condor, Wing, Blue Beetle, Red Bee, Zatara, Aquaman, Dan the Dyna-Mite, The Spider, Harlequin, Crimson Avenger, and finally, looming BIG over the sky...THE SPECTRE!

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