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Dark Multiverse: Crisis #1 p.15 - Death of Wonder Woman!

Product Details

Dark Multiverse: Crisis #1 p.15 - Death of Wonder Woman!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Mike Perkins all

Like a fire breathing dragon from hell, Surtur reigns molten lava down onto the heroes! Although Nuklon has grown in size to meet the attack, the super hot magma all but melts his body into charred flame, Phantom Stranger is instantly killed while Superman and Wonder Woman are also hit hard by the burning heat and weight of the magma overflow.

Superman shielded Wonder Woman from the blast, but she was still hit with enough of it and her body quickly disintegrates!

Superman tries to regain his strength as Wonder Woman fades off into death, quietly, behind him. Just then, Power Girl steps in, putting her hand on his shoulder to comfort him amidst all the chaos and gives a speech similar to Supergirl's from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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