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Dark Multiverse: Crisis #1 p.19

Product Details

Dark Multiverse: Crisis #1 p.19


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Mike Perkins all

This is a beautifully constructed page featuring our heroes in a very sullen moment, as they seem to be on the brink of defeat. I love how Perkins came in tight enough with the camera shot to see only a small part of everyone's body, but just enough to let us see who is is every panel and allow us to focus on their body language.

Wildcat stitches up claw wounds on his body with his bare hands.

Hawkgirl, in mourning, touches her forehead to Hawkman's cowl.

FURY grips her mother's singed tiara as Huntress consoles her with comforting words.

Alan Scott and Obsidian sit across from each other. They're not close, but now they're figuring out how to be thanks to losing their family.

Flash, still a bit shell shocked, stares at his own reflection on his helmet.

Sandman mourns the loss of his partner, Sandy.

Lois comforts Superman, who is feeling the weight of the guilt overwhelming him due to having to leave Power Girl to take on Surtur all by herself.

Johnny Thunder nervously gives himself a pep talk, worrying that Surtur may yet find the remaining heroes.

Starman holds the glowing cosmic rod as he begins offering up some words of wisdom and hope.

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