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Detective #597 p.17 - Classic Tale!

Product Details

Detective #597 p.17 - Classic Tale!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Eduardo Barreto penciller
Steve Mitchell inker

This is such a wonderful page, as it features a fabulous example of Batman in multiple panels, as he shows the "bad guys" the extent of the ugliness that humanity can sometimes offer. Except in this case, the "bad guys" are just otherwise ordinary every day people from all walks of life, but who get a sick fascination in buying and watching videos of people getting brutally beaten, for no other reason than these "bad guys'" sick pleasure.

This is a classic story from over 30 years ago, which stands out to this day because it was one of the rarer tales written to send a message to readers that there are sick people who do bad things in the real world too, and that some people must occasionally take a long, hard look in the mirror in order to see whether they might just be a cause, rather than a symptom of society's problems.

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