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Years of Future Past #1 - Cover!

Product Details

Years of Future Past #1 - Cover!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Mike Perkins all

This great "Days of Future Past" era Wolverine cover was published on the front AND back covers of Years of Future Past #1. During the month this was released, Marvel was promoting the very enjoyable Ant-Man feature film, so they chose to have an "Ant-Man Variant" month. As you can see in the scan of the printed comic I've also posted right next to this one, this image was printed on the front cover, but at the size of an ant! It was a very clever bit of marketing, and in order to allow the fans to get a much bigger than ant sized view of the art, they proceeded to also publish it at full size on the back cover.

A truly unique cover, harkening back to a very classic story in X-Men lore!

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