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Batman #380 p.03 - Killer Alacala Splash!

Product Details

Batman #380 p.03 - Killer Alacala Splash!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Splash Page
Artists: Rick Hoberg penciller
Alfredo Alcala inker

The early to mid 1980's Batman books were filled with some of the most beautiful artwork ever created in comics. The titles, along with every single other DC books being published back then, were low sellers, as the 1989 Batman feature film was still several years away and it wasn't until then that Batman's popularity was revived and reached higher heights than ever before.

But the one consistent thing throughout the Batman titles for a period of a few years during the early to mid 1980's, was the deliciously moody and atmospheric work being done by the late, great Filipino artist, Alfredo Alcala, who embellished the stories in the Batman and Detective titles over such luminaries as Gene Colan, Don Newton and Rick Hoberg. It was Alcala's organic inking that kept the dark, moody look in both titles looking consistent.

Here we have one of the absolute best, arguably THE best, Batman splashes of that era. It is far more beautiful than many of the covers used from the same era, and would be the centerpiece of many Batman collections. Make it yours!

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