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Demon: Hell is Earth #05 Cover - Kirby's Demon!

Product Details

Demon: Hell is Earth #05 Cover - Kirby's Demon!


Media Type: Pencil and Ink
Art Type: Cover
Artists: Brad Walker penciller
Andrew Hennessy inker

Jack Kirby's Demon is back, in this 6 issue mini-series and Walker and Hennessy combine to pay homage to the King! NOTE: On this series, Walker began using a slightly different method than usual for creating his work. His full pencils are here under the inks, but those pencils happen to be done over a print out of his roughs, which he did digitally. So to be clear, the page starts off with a printout of digital roughs, which Brad then does all his penciling over, and then Hennessy inks it.

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