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Andrew Hennessy

"The Best Inker You've Never Heard Of !"

 I've heard this quote said about Andrew by more than one person and I have to agree with it. Having finished a stellar inking stint over Mike Perkins' pencils on the popular Union Jack mini in the fall of 2006, Andrew was immediately assigned as the permanent inker over the pencils of the illustrious Mark Bagley on Ultimate Spider-Man. Having received high praise for his work by Bagley himself, Andrew was then chosen by editors to be the inker on the Endangered Species storyline running through all the X-Titles, where he had the pleasure of working over several well respected pencillers such as Tom Grummett, Mike Perkins, Mark Bagley & Scott Eaton. During the past few years, he has been inking over Brad Walker's amazing pencils on Sinestro, Aquaman, The Demon, Titan, as well as inking Bagley on All-New X-Men. Currently, he's busy working his magic over Brad Walker's pulse pounding pencils on Detective Comics!


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Pages From Battle Scars #3 p.13 - Deadpool !:

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