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"The Best Inker You've Never Heard Of !"

 I've heard this quote said about Andrew by more than one person and it's so true. Having spent years inking several pencillers at CrossGen, he moved on to Marvel where he was immediately assigned as the permanent inker over the pencils of the illustrious Mark Bagley on Ultimate Spider-Man. Having received high praise for his work by Bagley himself, Andrew was then chosen by editors to be the inker on the Endangered Species storyline running through all the X-Titles, where he had the pleasure of working over several well respected pencillers such as Tom Grummett, Mike Perkins, Mark Bagley & Scott Eaton. During the past few years, he has been inking over Brad Walker's amazing pencils on Sinestro, Aquaman, The Demon, Titans and DC Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman, while also inking Bagley on various Spider-Man related titles. Currently, he's busy working his magic over Brad Walker's pulse pounding pencils on their 2nd story arc for Detective Comics!


Artist Representation

Action Comics

All New X-Men #1 to #18

Alpha Flight #1 to #4


Avengers (Academy & Initiative)

Battle Scars

Books of Doom

Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand

COVERS! - by Various Pencilers


Detective Comics #1001 - 1005

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Heroes For Hire


Incredible Hulks #623 - 625

Inhumans: Realm of Kings #1 & 2


New Universal: Shockfront

Original Sin: HULK vs IRON MAN

SIGIL #16 - 29

SIGIL #30 - 41



Ultimates #20 & 21

Various Titles


War of Kings: Who Will Rule?

Way of the Rat #19

Wolverine: Origins #37 to 46

Wonder Man


X-Men Forever II #6

X-Men Legacy

X-Men: Endangered Species

X-Men: Original Sin #1